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Brand Name: Pure Ratios CBD Products Products Reviewed: CBD Topical Hemp Patch, CBD Roll-On, CBD Topical Salve In Colorado alone, 92% of patients use cannabis to treat their chronic pain.

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Pure Ratios award winning Transdermal Patches come in 1:1, 4:1, 18:1 CBD to THC varieties and last up to 9 Hours. They are naturally pure, additive free.

Is pain stopping you from doing what you love. Say hello to pain-free living. Frequently asked questions about CBD and our products. Where do I put the CBD patch.

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Say hello to easy living. Pure Ratios Award-winning CBD:THC Patches are the easiest and safest way to get back to living an active lifestyle with our unique patent-pending Reservoir. Pure Ratios proudly presents the first and only line of patent pending topical reservoir patches that last up to 9 hours. All-New CBD Topical Hemp Patch. 9 Hours of Sustainable Dosing. Water-proof. No THC. Revolutionary. Fast and effective topical delivery of. Pure Ratios offers both THC and CBD products that are unique and naturally They offer patches, balmes, salves, oil cartridges, roll-ons, and even a line of.

Pure Ratios Transdermal Patch COA.

More and more are turning to a. Image: Pure Ratios. Pure Ratios CBD Products. Each patch has 40mg of CBD that is. A pure CBD patch has none of the psychoactive effects of THC, and provides mood uplifting and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Balanced 1:1 ratios of CBD to THC. This phytonutrient-infused patch is designed. In California, Pure Ratios is another good choice, for their reservoir patches. Pure Ratios Award-winning CBD Patches are the easiest and safest way to get back to living an active lifestyle with more relief. By: Northwest Cannabis Solutions. The one-time NFL. This allows patients to get the personalized benefits that. Cannabinoids are the general class of organic compounds found in cannabis that produce its beneficial effects.